Smart Grids


  1. Smart Grid Architectural Designs
  2. Computational Techniques for Smart Grid
  3. Performance Analysis of Smart Grid
  4. Grid Operation
  5. Stability Analysis for Smart Grid
  6. Smart Grid Communications and Measurements
  7. Renewable Energy integration and Storage in Smart Grid
  8. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for Smart Grid
  9. Interoperability, Standards, and Cyber Security
  10. Future Trends in Smart Grid
  11. Resilient and robust control for recovery of Smart Grid
  12. Flexibility and self-healing capability of Smart Grid
  13. Electric Vehicle Systems for Smart Grid
  14. Smart Grid Electricity Markets
  15. Decentralized Decision Making for Smart Grid
  16. Phishing Analytic and System Security for Smart Grid
  17. Micro-Grid and Islanding Application And Operation
  18. Quality-of-Service (QoS), Energy-Efficiency and Fault Tolerance in Smart Grid Systems
  19. Resource Management of Smart Grid Systems
  20. Smart Grid Infrastructural Dependencies
  21. Distributed Control and Efficient Optimization Method for Smart Grid
  22. Modelling and Simulation Of Smart Grid
  23. Data Analytics, Sensing, Processing and Communication Techniques for Smart Grid Enabled Cities
  24. Management Techniques for Distributed Energy Generation and Storage to Increase Power Availability in Smart Grid Enabled Cities
  25. Energy Storage Technologies for Smart Grid
  26. Service Engineering and Algorithm Design
  27. Real-World Deployment Experiences
  28. Standards and Interoperability of Smart Grid